Monday, July 23, 2012


Cazabe /Cassava bread / Yuca bread / Tapioca

Dominican Flat bread made from roots of manioc plant.

(For those who live outside the Dominican Republic have nowhere to buy it)

1 Yuca (manioc) root.


1. Peel and clean the yuca

2. Grate the yuca using the small fine side of the grater.

3. Place the resulting pulp on a strong clean cloth and squeeze as much liquid as you can - the dryer it is the better (I use denim fabric because it is the strongest).

4. Sift the resulting flour using a wide strainer (like the one you use to strain pasta).

5. Choose a non-stick pan as wide as the container you will use for storage later.

6. Heat the pan (no oil) with medium to high temp, spread the flour to form a layer and compact it down with a spoon. Do not do a very thick layer or it will be undercooked inside.  Wait for it to cook on one side, then flip them over - you will see the moisture evaporate and the edges become golden.

Cool them down on a rack and store them in a sealed plastic container

Like everything in life, it takes a little practice.

I recommend using a small pan to make them personal size.

They are great for breakfast, eat them with scrambled eggs, or have them as dessert by spreading some of your favorite jam on top.

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